How to lose weight after birth

Studies have shown that on average women retains about 1 to 2 kg after giving birth. This is something that goes on even after successive births. Apart from having more children, there are other reasons that can make a woman to gain more weight. Holding onto this weight is associated with serious health consequences. This can put moms at a high risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

Having excess weight can also lead to other problems in future. For instance, this can put the developing baby and the mom at a high risk for other medical complications like hypertension and gestational diabetes. Women can return to their pre-pregnancy weight by adopting the best practices that would help them in emagrecer depois do parto. As a mom, you should have an ultimate goal of shedding your baby weight after giving birth. The following are the proven tips for losing weight after pregnancy.

Checking your diet

Withdrawal of the pregnancy hormones can be very tiring. Diets that might put your body under stress should be avoided. Instead, moms are encouraged to commit themselves on healthy diets. Some of the practical things that need to be introduced immediately after birth include:

  • Ditching junk foods from the kitchen
  • Fill your fridge with vegetables, lean meat, seafood, fish, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and healthy snacks such as yogurt.
  • Preparing a food dairy- This will help you in tracking what you are eating. Women who have been monitoring their eating are known for enjoying greater weight loss as compared to those who don’t.

Drinking water

This will prevent your body from getting dehydrated. In addition to this, this will fill you up and speed up the metabolic processes in the body. Filling up will ensure that you do not eat as much. Make an effort of drinking the recommended eight glasses of water daily.


Some studies have revealed that breastfeeding can help you in slimming faster after pregnancy. Also, this is good for the baby. In fact, it is the best method or boosting the immunity of your child. It is also associated with numerous health benefits. Moms are advised to add 300 calories daily in their diet after giving birth. However, you should avoid using this as an excuse for eating whatever you want.

Ask for help

Any person who is struggling to slim should seek help from a dietician or a doctor. A dietician will help you in designing a good eating plan that will assist you in slimming and effectively and safely.