Irrespective of your job we all must get a good night sleep. Sleep enables the body to rest. Rest is good for the body and mind; it replenishes both for a proper and better functioning. Also, sleep strengthens the ability to learn, regulates our moods and improves our memory. It is however unfortunate that for many people sleep is better said than done. Hectic and busy lifestyles do not allow or give us enough time to rest. It is for this reason that I developed a guide that will help you enjoy your nights in sleep.

How to get a better night’s sleep

  • Exercise in the morning- Doing some training before you start your day helps fortify your body’s cortisol rhythm. It said to be greater in the morning. This is a hormone that activates anti-stress hormones in the body.
  • Sunbathing-Exposing yourself to the sun helps balance melatonin and serotonin levels in the body. Our skin contains photoreceptors responsible for the above.
  • Cell phone brightness level- Your smartphone contains nighttime screen brightness level. When night comes, change to that setting.
  • Alcohol and food consumption- stay away from beverages and snacks that increase your blood sugar level before going to bed. In simple terms, do not take alcohol and sugar before bed.
  • Regular night routine- If you have children, then you understand how important it is to have a sleep routine. Following the same method helps children sleep better. The same applies to adults. Try and be in bed by 10 o’clock. Read your favorite novel, listen to some soothing music or any other relaxing activity as you prepare to sleep.
  • Make sure that your room is not too cold or hot- Room temperature affects the ability to sleep. A standard room temperature should be between 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. If you set your bedrooms temperature higher or lower than the mentioned range, you are risking the ability to sleep.
  • Use a therapeutic pillow or a foam roller- the pillow and roller above gives comfort, enhances blood circulation, breathing and improves spinal alignment.
  • Sleep in nude- sleeping nude or on lose sleepwear improves lymphatic drainage. The process reduces chances of swelling, headaches, soreness, and helps in the fast healing of post-injury or post-operative body tissue. Lymphatic drainage helps the body relax as well.Try any or a combination of the tips above, and your sleep will turn out more relaxing. A relaxed night means waking up to a body full of energy ready to face the new dawn.